Bisexual dating: Is it acceptable or not

When you are into the dating scene you will definitely come across bisexual guys. Many people are wary about dating someone who is bisexual. If you have met a bisexual man who you think is wonderful and just what you had in mind for a date, will his bisexual status prevent you from dating him? Do you feel that there are things that you should be aware of in a bisexual person that are different than a heterosexual? Well, here are some bisexual dating tips just for you

Defining bisexuality

Sexual orientation is seen as a different entity by different individuals. It is not as simple as being attracted to both men and women.

And you need to understand that sexual and gender orientation are two different aspects that correlate with one another.

If you are considering about bisexual dating, ensure you wipe off all your preconceived ideas about bisexuality. The person you meet may portray a different aspect of bisexuality that what you are aware of. Your biased opinion may put a wrench in an otherwise good relationship.

And moreover the extent of attraction the person feels toward the different sexes could also be different. So, stop assuming and be open-minded.

Our culture may not look at bisexuality in a good way. A bisexual person may come across as promiscuous or being heavily sexual, which is a gross misconception.

Positive approach

While talking about a person's bisexuality cannot be comfortable by any standard, you need to approach your date about his sexual preferences. But ensure you do so without hurting his feelings.

Getting things out in the open right from the beginning will help a great deal in making the relationship work. Before you talk, ensure that both of you are ready and in a sane state of mind, so you can talk about all aspects including boundaries the need to be set, your comfort level and sexuality.

Writing down a list of questions to ask prior to the conversation will make certain you do not leave out any important matter. Most often blunders happen when you just leap into it blindly without thinking about the repercussions.

Thing to avoid

While you are having your conversation, remember that there are certain taboo questions. Asking whether he is certain about his sexual orientation is a definite no-no. Since it is a sensitive topic your question may feel insulting and can make him freeze up to any further questions on the matter.

Asking about previous sexual encounters on your first date is another taboo topic. It is an off-limit topic even for a date with a heterosexual partner. So, instead of dealing with such inappropriate topics, focus on the ways by which you can get the relationship on to the next stage.

Converse about important things like setting boundaries as is the case in any other type of relationship. Topics like whether you want an exclusive relationship or will allow him to see other individuals should be cleared to avoid any insecurities or jealousy you might feel at a later date.